• The Department of Student and Community Impact comprises 5 offices - (1) Boston Community Hub Schools, (2) Office of Health Services, (3) Office of Restorative Justice, (4) Office of Social Work, (5) Office of Youth Leadership, and works with a direct and indirect staff of over 400 who work towards three strategic goals:

  • 01 Systems Change  Support and hold accountable each member in the department to take deliberate action to identify and dismantle cultural, structural, racial, and social barriers that create opportunity gaps for students
    02  Targeted Supports for Schools: Grove Hall & Dual Language Increase the capacity of 14 schools in the Boston Community Hub Schools Pilot to advance CLSP and elevate student and family leadership by providing a Hub School Coordinator, targeted professional learning, resources and ongoing support across the network of schools 
    03 Equitable Student Supports  Develop and implement a student-centered strategy for organizing the resources of school, family, and community to transform schools into healing-centered spaces of innovation and liberation, and transform student outcomes  
  • Ilyitch Nahiely Tábora, MSW

    Assistant Superintendent, Department of Student & Community Impact


  • Boston Community Hub Schools

    Boston Community Hub Schools present an opportunity to reimagine schools and partnerships that offer liberating educational opportunities that transform the lives and outcomes of our students, communities, and city.


    Email: hubschools@bostonpublicschools.org

    Phone: 617-635-5913


    Ilyitch Nahiely Tábora, Assistant Superintendent

    Renée Omolade, Director of Boston Community Hub Schools

    Joane Etienne, Project Manager


  • Health Services

    Health Services advances the health and safety of all BPS students for an equitable student and family-centered learning environment supported by the specialized, collaborative, evidence-based, and ethically driven school nursing practice.


    COVID Health & Safety


    Office: 617-635-6788

    Email: healthservices@bostonpublicschools.org


    Djenny Lobo Lopes, DNP, MSN, RN, Senior Director

    Arlene Swan Mahoney, DNP, MSN, RN, Assistant Director

    Suzanne Salter-Bennett, BSN, NCSN, RN, Program Director


  • Office of Restorative Justice

    The Office of Restorative Justice team provides Consultation, Coaching, Assessment, and Professional Development as an effort to create culturally and linguistically sustaining school cultures and authentic partnerships with students and families. The Office aims to develop school communities’ capacities to integrate restorative practices as a culture/way of being, and not just as an intervention to repair harm.


    Restorative Justice School Referral Form SY 2021-2022


    Office: 617-635-8123


    Arthur Collins, District Lead Restorative Justice Coach, acollins3@bostonpublicschools.org

    Brenda Coaston-Lewis, Restorative Justice Specialist

    Henry Oppong, Ph.D., Restorative Justice Specialist


  • Office of Social Work

    The Office of Social Work in Boston Public Schools aims to ensure that all Boston Public School students and families have access to high-quality social workers to provide critical direct services to students and families and interrogate systems at the schools and district levels to ensure these are aligned to CLSP and antiracism. To that end, our office:

    1. Supports school-based social workers in the following ways: 
      1. Provides professional development and supports to enable school social workers to provide culturally sustaining direct services and support the antiracist systems work of the school to create healing-centered spaces. 
      2. Case consultation 
      3. Mentoring and Coaching
    2. Oversees the District’s crisis response team
    3. Collaborates with local schools of social work to develop internship programs for the next generation of school social workers


    Office: 617-635-8294

    Carmen Calderón O’Hara, Director of Social Work, cohara@bostonpublicschools.org


  • Office of Youth Leadership

    The Office of Youth Leadership works to elevate youth voice and leadership to increase shared decision-making practices at the school and district levels by supporting school-based student governments and the student councils at the district and state level.


    Email: bsac@bostonpublicschools.org


    Dennisse Rorie, Acting Student Engagement Coordinator

    Dorion Levy, District Youth Specialist