• The Winship School Site Council has established a school dress code policy. This policy aligns with our school vision of building an inclusive community, in which all students are welcomed and accepted regardless of financial barriers. It also helps display school pride and increases safety when students are off school grounds. 


    Winship 2021-2022 Uniform Policy:

    • Baby Blue, Navy Blue, or Kelly Green solid tops (with or without the Winship logo or patch) or any other official Winship top. 

    • Bottoms must be to fingertips or longer. Leggings/bike shorts can be worn under a skirt, skort or shorts. (Khaki or navy pants/skorts recommended.)

    • Shoes must be closed-toe for safety inside and outside the school.


    Purchasing Winship Shirts: Winship shirts can be purchased in front of the Winship School (54 Dighton Street) at the following times:

    Uniform Swap: Families can also choose to participate in our school-based “uniform swap,” where they can collect and share free, gently-used clothing that aligns to our dress code.