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    In Spring, 2021, the BPS Office of English Learners has engaged in a series of community dialogues as we work to reimagine multilingual learning (SEI, ESL, Dual Language, SLIFE) for English Learners in BPS. Below please find the materials from each meeting.


What We Have Heard So Far

  • As of June 30, 2021 

    • 51.8% of respondents identified themselves as BPS educators or administrators
    • 33.9% of respondents identified themselves as BPS parents 
    • Majority of respondents identify their primary language as English (60.8%), followed by Chinese (25.7%) 
    • 53.5% of respondents rate their knowledge of current BPS programs for English Learners 4 or 5 (5 being the highest) 
    • For the question regarding what priorities the respondents would like to see in this Roadmap that would make them feel confident that BPS is making a positive shift to re-imagine quality services for English or Multilingual Learners, we found the following 
      • 100% of the respondents agree that developing curriculum that utilizes the language, cultural knowledge of students, families is needed 
      • 98.2% of the respondents agree on hiring more teachers, school leaders, and other school staff/ who speak the language of the community
      • 96.1% of the respondents suggest to increase district’s capacity for other students ( non-ELs) to become bilingual and biliterate
      • 94.5% of the respondents agree that there needs to be more transparency on how schools are servicing ELs (are students making progress)
      • 94.5% of the respondents suggest increasing opportunities for bilingual education /heritage language programs for ELs
      • 90.7% of the respondents suggest transparency on language capacity of staff by school, and district
      • 88.5% of the respondents agree on the implementation of the Seal of Biliteracy across all schools
      • 86.5% of the respondents agree on increasing the use of native language in instruction 

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