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  • Dear BPS and Boston community members:

    As you begin to engage with the Roadmap for Quality Education for Multilingual Learning, I want to frame the vision of the transformative work being proposed in this plan. Language learning is something that goes beyond the current perception that only English Learners are required to undertake. The Office of English Learners has been a staunch advocate for the rights of immigrant students and English Learners to access equitable educational opportunities.

    In this plan, we are taking this work further to help our community understand that beyond rights, our immigrant and English Learners provide an extraordinary opportunity for a global education experiencQuotee for all students in the Boston Public Schools. Our students represent 70+ countries and 80+ different languages. In this plan you will see references for both the English Learner (EL) population and a new term, Multilingual Learners (ML).  Multilingual Learners represent the non-EL student population comprised of English speakers and Heritage speakers of another language but who are not required to receive English Learner services. We firmly believe that the benefits of bi/multilingualism should be afforded to all students in BPS where many of our English Learners are coming to BPS already proficient in 2-3 other languages. Research continues to show that language skill is critical for the needs of our current globalized society.     

    Recently the Massachusetts DESE approved new standards for World Language and defined it as a key skill for Massachusetts students’ success.  Within the Massachusetts 2021 World Language Curriculum, the vision statement includes the following: “All Massachusetts students should acquire a high level of linguistic and cultural proficiency in at least one world language.”  Here in Boston, we provide a rich community environment where all students can be learners of at least 2 world languages,  English and one of the many partner languages that our English Learner communities present. This is one of the many reasons that we propose that the name of the office be changed to the Office of Multilingual Learning because we see ourselves as advocates for English Learners and for all BPS students to access a rich, global experience in a world-class city like Boston.

    The purpose of this Roadmap for Quality Instruction for Multilingual Learning is to demonstrate why this work is important and provide a vision for where we want to be in the next 3-5 years and beyond.  It will take time to move all the levers in a complex district like BPS so that we are all operating in alignment to a vision for quality instruction for all students.  We count on your partnership to make this change feasible so that not another generation of Boston students have to wait to be affirmed and valued for the greatness that is within them.

    In Partnership,

    Daphne Germain, Assistant Superintendent of the Office of Multilingual Learning

    BPS Alum, BPS parent, Former BPS English Learner, with levels of proficiency in 6 different languages

  •  Language Access for All

    ———— A New Vision for Bilingual Education in BPS



  • What are your thoughts on our Roadmap for Quality Education for Multilingual Learning? Please react to the Roadmap or provide your feedback.

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