• In-Person Learning FAQs

5 Day In Person Learning

  • If a student has selected in-person learning but needs to log in for remote learning will they be counted as present?

  • Will Boston Public Schools follow the new guidance from the CDC on employing three feet of social distancing in schools?

  • When will BPS transition to the 5 days of in person learning model?

  • Can parents/guardians still switch learning models (e.g. remote to 5 day in person)?

  • What will happen to remote Wednesdays?

  • When will high school students transition to 5 days in person learning?

  • Is the school year going to be extended because BPS received a waiver?

Student & Staff Safety

  • What social distancing will be maintained in classrooms and how will it be measured?

  • Will 6 foot distancing be maintained during lunch, snack and mask breaks?

  • How will students safely eat lunch and how will cafeteria lunches be handled?

  • How will the cleaning protocols change as a result of 5 day in-person learning?

  • Is the daily health screener required? What happens if it is not completed and a student shows symptoms?

  • I do not want my child to be involved in pooled testing. Do I need to have my child tested if there is a positive test in the pool?

  • What will happen if there is “close contact”?

  • What will happen if an individual student has to quarantine?


  • What will be the expectations for students riding buses?

  • Will there be bus monitors on buses?