Boston Public Schools 24/7 Respect 2021 Rollout Testimonials!

  •  “I think this should be done if not monthly but every semester!”

    - Charles Mentos Dean of Students King School

     “I was able to have our entire student population participate and it was quite helpful.  We had a few unfortunate "Zoom Bomb" issues recently and when I held harm circles with the students many referenced parts of the 24/7 video in reference to the respect that they should be displaying in our community. I believe that 24/7 is very aligned with Restorative Justice.”

    - Daniel Donoghue Dean of Students Frederick Pilot Middle School

     “Our school is still finishing up the 24/7 Respect week activities.  What many of us thought would take one day has turned into a multi-day activity.  Apparently our students have a lot to say about the scenarios that appear in the video.”

    - Ondrea Johnson Assistant Principal Timilty Middle School

     “All 1735 of our students here at Boston Latin Academy participated in discussions of 24/7 Respect.  The program transformed students' understanding of what mutual respect is and empowered them to better identify, address and report bias-based and sexual misconduct both in-person and online.”

    - Marie Carvalho Assistant Principal Boston Latin Academy

     “The curriculum was user-friendly and easy to implement without hours of preparation. The students were engaged from minute one, and I can already see the difference in their interactions with one another.”

    - Sarah Quatrale 6th Grade Teacher Mary E Curley School

     “The day we talked about the 24/7 Respect video was one of the most interesting and relevant discussions we had this entire school year. I learned a lot, and I noticed that students were very participatory.”

    - 11th Grade Student from the Brighton High School