Project Updates

  • 4/16/21

    BCLA/McCormack Head of Schools Announcement 

  • 4/1/21

    School Culture: Design Team is working with the Leading Learners Institute to craft the mission & vision of the new school to reflect shared values. The first draft was shared for community feedback on 4/21/21.

    School Leadership: We are pleased to announce that Ms. Ondrea Johnston has been selected as Head of School for the BCLA-McCormack School Community, effective May 10, 2021.

    Facility Renovations: 

    • As part of the first phase of renovations, the McCormack facility will add two science labs and a life skills room for SY21-22 
    • The Design Team and central office are collaborating on assessing the financial investment and priorities for renovating the McCormack building 

    Partnership with UMass: The Design Team is working with Laura Hayden, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, to identify partnership opportunities


Decisions Made to Date

  • School Design Elements

    • The new 7-12 will be an open enrollment pilot school serving the same populations as are currently served by McCormack and BCLA
    • Student Supports Offered: the merged BCLA-McCormack school will continue to serve their current student strands:
      • General Education
      • Inclusion
      • Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) - Spanish
      • Emotional Impairment (EI)
      • Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE)
      • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) for students with Autism 
    • SY20-21: School will operate on two campuses
      • Grades 7-9 at Columbia Point (McCormack)
      • Grades 10-12 at Hyde Park Complex (BCLA)
    • SY21-22: McCormack facility will add two science labs and a life skills room 
    • SY22-23: All students in grades 7-12 will attend the Columbia Point campus

    Assignment & Registration

    • All current BCLA & McCormack students will be assigned to the newly merged school for SY21-22 
    • If families want to change their preference, they can do so in the appropriate round in 2021: 
      • Round 1 is 1/5 - 1/29 (grades K0, K1, 6, 7, 9)
      • Round 2 is 2/8 - 4/5 (all other grades) 
    • The new 7-12 school will be called “Boston Community Leadership Academy-McCormack” on all School Choice materials

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