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  • Address: 315 Mount Vernon Street, Dorchester, MA

    Neighborhood: Columbia Point

    Project Description: As a part of the initial proposal presented in October 2018, BPS announced the plan to begin phasing out middle schools over time in an effort to reconfigure grade composition to create more feeder patterns and reduce school transitions for students, starting with the McCormack Middle School.  After an engagement process throughout the Fall and Winter of 2019 with the McCormack Middle School and BPS high schools, Boston Community Leadership Academy (BCLA) was selected as the high school partner to merge with the McCormack, creating a new school on the Columbia Point Location. Over the next few years, both school communities will work with Central Office staff and partners in order to renovate the Columbia Point location, align programming, and design a school that meets the diverse needs of our students.

  • Current Project Phase: UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    Project Phase

    *For detailed updates on current project status, please refer to the Project Updates section.



  • 4/14/21 - Head of School Announcement Letter(s)

  • 1/12/21 - Community Meeting

  • 12/22/20 - MILESTONE - Facilities Subcommittee Meets with Architects

  • 12/16/20 - MILESTONE - School Committee Votes to Merge the Schools

  • 12/15/20 - Letter to BCLA/McCormack Families

  • 12/2/20 - MILESTONE - School Committee Presentation on BuildBPS

  • 11/14/20 - Community Meeting

  • 5/22/19 - School Committee Presentation Partners Selection

  • 5/20/19 - Letter from Superintendent Laura Perille: BCLA to Expand, Partner with McCormack Middle School

  • 5/8/19 - School Committee Presentation: Grade Reconfiguration Proposal

  • 4/2/19 - 7-12 Expansion Community Conversations

  • 6/12/19 - Initial Project Proposal