• In person learning - child wearing mask while working off of laptop.


  • Student learning from home

    • We quickly pivoted to remote learning, printing out tens of thousands of packets over a single weekend so that students started off remote learning with assignments


  • Staff member carrying laptops for students.

    • We have provided 55,000 Chromebooks to students so that every student who requested a Chromebook received a Chromebook
    • We have provided over 6,000 Internet vouchers, hotspots, and other access to home wifi for students


  • Food distribution site We have provided nearly four million meals, including more than one million delivered to students and families

    • Number of meals served to date under COVID restrictions - 4,628,070
    • Number of meals delivered to sites - 1,317,690
    • Number of daily hours allocated at schools to help cook, prep, serve and distribute meals - 2,859
    • Number of grocery bags distributed - over 40,000
    • Volunteer Hours at BPS Food Distribution Sites: 9,313
    • Volunteer Hours at BPS Food Packaging and Delivery Sites: 2,199
    • Number of evening hours available for meal distribution services - 4,752
    • We began producing fresh meals at more than 20 schools leading to more than 250,000 of those meals

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  • Socially distanced classroom

    • Nearly 600 families have received housing vouchers directly through BPS referrals, while over 400 of these families have been housed to date. 
    • Behavioral Health Services (BHS) has provided individual or group counseling services to over 1,200 students since the closure
    • BHS has completed 2,330 psychological evaluations and 100 sociological evaluations since school closure
    • BHS has provided over 720 crisis interventions since school closure
    • BHS has provided tier 2 services to over 650 students since school closure

    BHS YTD Report


  • Student reading in class

    • We initiated Community Equity Roundtables to elevate student and family voice and connect with students, families, advocates, and City residents
    • We also initiated school-based Equity Roundtables toward the same outcomes


  • Worker repairing windows

    • We repaired more than 12,000 of the 27,000 windows in the district
    • We delivered thousands of masks for students and staff
    • We secured 7,500 air purifiers
    • We updated air filters where applicable
    • We are monitoring classroom temperatures
    • We conducted air quality testing and are increasing our testing methods
    • We issued a request for proposals to start using data loggers in all schools to continuously monitor air quality
    • We launched a data dashboard to report on attendance and engagement

Health/Health Monitoring

  • Student being tested for COVID

    • We have free COVID-19 testing for staff and students in all schools
    • We launched a data dashboard to report on confirmed positive student and staff cases in schools to increase transparency in reporting