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  • MBTA Spring 2021 Service Changes

    Attention students and families. As part of its Forging Ahead initiative to preserve access and quality of service for riders during the COVID-19 pandemic, the MBTA is implementing certain service changes for Spring 2021.

     What is changing?

    • The 18 and 55 bus routes are being suspended, which may impact BPS riders.
    • In addition, some other bus and subway routes are being suspended or will run on decreased frequency. All subway and bus service changes will be effective starting March 14, 2021. You can find a full description of all service changes on the MBTA’s website: https://www.mbta.com/customer-support/spring-2021-service-changes

    What resources are in place to support students and families impacted by the changes? The MBTA and BPS Transportation are collaborating to identify and support students and families impacted by these changes

    • BPS Transportation Department has identified the students most likely to be impacted by service changes, and will be sending communications to families of potentially impacted students in late February, in advance of the changes going into effect
    • The MBTA Trip Planner can help you find the best route to and from school: https://www.mbta.com/trip-planner
    • The MBTA’s Ride Safer page includes information on steps the MBTA is taking and steps riders can take to ensure rider safety during COVID-19: https://www.mbta.com/covid19/ride-safer

    What should students and families do to prepare?

    • In preparation for these changes, we recommend using the MBTA Trip Planner in advance of March 14 to identify the best route to and from school.
    • In addition, students may want to leave 10-15 minutes earlier than normal on their first few days taking any new route to school

    Who can I contact for additional support?