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ACCESS Testing SY20-21

  • The administration of state assessments, Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) and the English Language Proficiency Assessment for English Language Learners, ACCESS, as required by state and federal laws, will take place in-person in Spring 2021. At this time, remote testing with students taking the state assessments at home is not an available option. 

    We will continue to respect family choice for remote learning and understand that this year, families whose students are learning remotely can decide whether their child will be present in school solely to participate in these assessments. BPS may provide student transportation to school on the days of testing.  

    • If you have more than one child in a BPS school, you will receive this letter for each child and one response for each child is required. All forms must be submitted by Monday, April 12
    • If you choose not to participate in MCAS assessment this year, your child will not receive MCAS scores or a MCAS Parent/Guardian Report. 
    • If you choose not to participate in ACCESS assessment this year, your child will not receive an ACCESS Score Report. For children who are close to full English language proficiency, an ACCESS score is required to determine if your child should continue receiving English language services. Your child will still be eligible for English Learner services and your child’s teacher(s) will still monitor their progress in learning English.
    • If you choose not to have your child take the state assessments this year, it will not affect your child’s grades or grade level status.

    Additional information on state assessments can be found at

Parent/Guardian Survey

  • COMPLETE THIS FORM to indicate whether your child will participate in the ACCESS assessment
    English | Español | العربية | Cabo-Verdiano | 中文 | Français | Kreyòl Ayisyen | Português | Soomaali | Tiếng Việt

    • Español | Por favor, indique en este formulario su elección para la participación de su hijo/a en la evaluación ACCESS esta primavera
    •  العربية | يرجى الإشارة في هذا النموذج إلى اختيارك لمشاركة طفلك في تقييم الفهم والتواصل باللغة الإنجليزية من ولاية لولاية أخرى هذا الربيع
    • Cabo-Verdiano |Pur favor, kompleta es FORMULARIU pa bu podi indika si bu fidju sta partisipa na es avaliason di ACCESS
    • 中文 | 請在此表格上註明您選擇是否讓孩子參加今年春季的ACCESS評估
    • Français | Veuillez indiquer sur ce formulaire si vous souhaitez que votre enfant prenne part à l'évaluation ACCESS ce printemps
    • Kreyòl Ayisyen | Tanpri endike chwa w nan fòmilè sa a pou patisipasyon pitit ou a nan evalyasyon ACCESS la Prentan sa a
    • Português | Indique neste formulário a sua escolha quanto à participação do seu filho na avaliação ACCESS nesta primavera
    • Soomaali |Fadlan ku muuji foomkan xulashadaada kaqeybgalka cunugaaga ee qiimeynta ACCESS Gu'ga
    • Tiếng Việt | Vui lòng điền thông tin vào đơn đăng ký này để cho con em quý vị tham gia Chương trình đánh giá ACCESS vào mùa Xuân này

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