Face Masks

  • All Boston Public Schools staff and students must wear a mask
    when on school property and while riding the yellow buses.

    BPS will provide at least two reusable masks to all students and staff.  All staff and students are allowed to bring and wear their own masks as well. 

  • Acceptable Masks

    Acceptable Masks

  • Acceptable face coverings include multi-layered cotton masks, disposable masks, and KN95/N95 masks.

  • Not Acceptable Masks

    Not Acceptable Masks

  • Not acceptable: Neck gaiters, open chin triangle bandanas, and face coverings containing valves, mesh material, or holes are not considered appropriate face coverings. 

  • Masks must cover the mouth and nose. 

    Double Masking: To ensure proper fit, if it is helpful, wearing a cloth mask over a disposable mask may be an option. Improve the Fit and Filtration of Your Mask/Double Masking Protocols

    If you forget your reusable mask, a disposable mask will be provided for you to wear on the bus and within the school building.

    Special considerations:

    • Students with disabilities who are able to wear a mask should wear a mask. For those students who are unable to wear a mask, other mitigation strategies, such as social distancing are essential. Educators may require facial protections (face shields) and masks when working with this subset of students with disabilities who are unable to wear a mask. 
    • If a student is unable to remove a mask without the help of another individual during an emergency (i.e., breathing difficulties or airway obstruction), this student should not be required to wear a mask. Department of Education- COVID-19 Handbook Volume 1: Strategies for Safely Reopening Elementary and Secondary Schools 
    • People who are deaf or hard of hearing—consider using a clear mask if tolerated (poses no breathing difficulties or overheating). Clear masks are not face shields.