The Home-School Connection

  • Family engagement plays a crucial role in helping students succeed in school and developing a sense of pride in the school community. Boston Public Schools is committed to helping schools, staff, families, students, and the community establish active partnerships that strengthen student learning and improve schools.

    The Office of Family and Community Advancement assists in the organization of School Parent Councils and School Site Councils, plans activities to engage families in their children’s learning, and supports parents and school staff in their efforts to work together to increase student learning, especially families of English Learners and families who have children in Special Education programs.

    Here are some examples of how schools may engage families in student learning:

    • individual parent-teacher conferences with a focus on sharing and explaining student progress 
    • regular, consistent communication about classroom learning with suggested out of school activities, such as Home Links (PreK-2)
    • workshops on the content your child will learn in school with tips and strategies to help your child at home
    • special events, such as Math and Literacy Nights, Academic Parent-Teacher Teams, and Data Nights
    • School Parent Council and School Site Council or Governing Board
    • Parent University learning sessions
    • opportunities to volunteer—in classrooms, in fundraising activities, and in fun events

    Every Boston public school should:

    • set aside space and resources for parent meetings
    • schedule time each week for teachers to contact or meet with parents
    • respond promptly to questions and requests from parents
    • communicate regularly with parents in the language spoken in the home
    • provide opportunities for two-way communication so that families can give input and feedback
    • share and explain student data in a family-friendly format
    • inform parents in a family-friendly format of strategies to improve student achievement at school and home
    • provide parents with a syllabus (a written summary) of the main topics covered in each course.