• IV-B-1: Professional Learning and Growth
    Needs Improvement
    Participates in few, if any, professional development and learning opportunities to improve practice and/or applies little new learning to practice. Participates only in required professional development activities and/or inconsistently or inappropriately applies new learning to improve practice. Consistently seeks out and applies, when appropriate, ideas for improving practice from supervisors, colleagues, professional development activities, and other resources to gain expertise and/or assume different instruction and leadershipresponsibilities. Consistently seeks out professional development and learning opportunities that improve practice and build expertise of self and other educators in instruction and leadership. Is able to model this element.
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    Resource Name Description Resource Type
    Commitment to Professional Growth and Development Talks about the range of ways teachers can access professional development opportunities. Guide
    Professional learning that matters Gives 10 tips for teachers to get the most out of PD opportunities. Website
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