Using Technology in School

  • Boston Public Schools (BPS) provides a wide array of technology resources for use by students and staff. These resources are to be used only for educational purposes. The BPS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) outlines responsible use and prohibited activities when using all technology, including networks, electronic devices, and online resources. The policy was developed with input from BPS administrators, teachers, students, parents, community partners, school police, and the BPS legal advisor. It applies to all users of the BPS network, including staff, students, and guests. The School Committee adopted a new AUP in spring 2014 to cover many of the new technologies that our schools are using or would like to use in their classrooms.

    Every student is expected to follow all of the rules and conditions listed below, as well as those given verbally by BPS teachers and administrators, and to demonstrate good citizenship and ethical behavior at all times. 

    Acceptable Use Policy for Technology, Including the Internet: Student Responsible Use

    1. I am responsible for my computer account and email account. I understand that passwords are private and that I should not share my password with anyone. I understand that I am responsible for all activities done through my account. I will not allow others to use my account name and password, or try to use that of others. I understand that I will be in violation of the law if I attempt to electronically capture another person’s password. I understand that it is important to log off the computer at the end of every session so another user cannot use my password.
    2. I am responsible for my language. I will use appropriate language in my email messages, online postings, and other digital communications. I will not use profanity, vulgarities or any other inappropriate language as determined by school administrators.
    3. I am responsible for how I treat other people. I will use email and other means of communication (e.g. blogs, wikis, chat, instant messaging, discussion boards, etc.) responsibly. I will not send or post hate or harassing mail, make discriminatory or derogatory remarks about others, or engage in bullying, harassment, or other antisocial behaviors while in school or out of school.
    4. I am responsible for my use of the Boston Public Schools network. I will use BPS technology resources responsibly. I will not search, retrieve, save, circulate or display hate-based, offensive, or sexually explicit material. I will not search, retrieve, save or circulate images or information about weapons using any BPS technology resources unless authorized by school administrator/teacher as part of a school assignment. 
    5. I am responsible for my conduct on all online sites. I understand that what I do on social networking websites should not negatively impact the school learning environment and/or my fellow students, teachers, and administrators. 
    6. I am responsible for being honest while I am online. I understand that masquerading, spoofing, or pretending to be someone else is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, sending out emails, creating accounts, or posting messages or other online content (e.g. text, images, audio or video) in someone else’s name.
    7.  I am responsible for protecting the security of the Boston Public Schools network. I will not attempt to bypass security settings or Internet filters or interfere with the operation of the network by installing illegal software, including file sharing, shareware, or freeware, on school computers.
    8. I am responsible for protecting school property. I understand that vandalism is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to accessing, modifying, or destroying equipment, programs, files, or settings on any computer or technology resource. I understand that I need authorization from a school administrator/teacher to use personal electronic devices that I bring to school, including but not limited to memory storage devices (i.e. USB drives).
    9. I am responsible for respecting other people’s property online. I will obey copyright laws. I will not plagiarize or use others’ work without proper citation and permission. I will not illegally download materials protected by copyright, including but not limited to music and movies.
    10.  I am responsible for following school rules whenever I publish anything online. I will follow all guidelines set forth by the BPS and/or my teachers when publishing schoolwork online (e.g. to a website, blog, wiki, discussion board, podcasting or video server). I understand that it is unsafe to post any personal information about myself, including but not limited to: my name, address, phone number, or school. I will not post photos of students with their first and last names on any online site, including but not limited to websites, social networks, blogs, wikis, and discussion forums, without the permission of the parent/guardian or student (age 18 and older).

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