Boston Public Schools offer a variety of alternative education programs and services for middle school and high school students who are not succeeding in a traditional school setting. The programs offer intensive support services and different approaches to learning. It is important to note that not every student who requests an alternative program will be placed in a program.


    Some of the programs are:


    • The BPS Re-engagement Center (REC) helps students who have dropped out of high school (or are currently enrolled and struggling) to find alternative pathways to graduation.
    • Boston Adult Technical Academy (BATA) provides a safe, student centered, culturally sustaining education environment where students acquire the skills needed to complete high school. Students act as agents of community change, just as the community invests in each student. The majority of students are from communities of color or immigrant families, and/or are English Language learners.
    • Accelerated Intervention Program at Excel High School (AIP) serves students within Excel High School. Students participate in a mix of online and classroom learning, and teachers ensure that all students are engaged and growing. Graduates receive their high school diploma from Excel High School.
    • Accelerated Diploma Program @ Brighton High School (ADP) serves students within Brighton High School and the District. The mission of the program is to educate young people and guide them toward their goals of a high school diploma and a successful step beyond graduation. We seek to create a diverse community and supportive environment that empowers students to work through difficulties, learn academic and life skills, and become advocates for a promising future. District students who graduate from the program will receive their diploma from Boston Collaborative High School.
    • Roads to Success @ Charlestown High School (RTS) serves students from all BPS high schools that have not succeeded in regular programs and need a rigorous competency-based education that is supported by a small, personalized learning culture.
    • Greater Egleston (GEHS) serves students ages 15-21 who are looking for an alternative to the traditional high school setting. Our school is small and class size is limited to only 15 students. Each student is part of an advisory where they receive support in developing their own individual learning goals in academics, planning for the future and personal growth. As a school we place a strong emphasis on real world learning with internships and career exploration one day a week. In addition to classes students have the opportunity to take one additional online class and summer classes to accelerate their progress towards graduation.
    • Community Academy (CA) is a transformative learning environment that works closely with students and families to rebuild self-awareness, academic progress, and community relationships. CA is a small alternative setting, committed to holistic wellness and highly specialized academic plans for each student. Specifically, we serve students who seek re-engagement after challenging school experiences, code of conduct violations or trauma associated with court-involvement and/ or neighborhood violence.
    • Boston Day and Evening Academy (BDEA) is a student-centered, competency-based school that serves all students whose needs have not been met in a traditional model. BDEA offers a rigorous academic program to prepare students for college and career, and students can also take advantage of BDEA’s robust post-graduate planning options, as well as wraparound services for social and emotional support.
      BDEA 2.0 uses a variety of diverse pedagogical strategies, including competency based and project based learning, to provide our students with relevant and engaging experiences to accomplish our mission. Every project is comprised of at least one of our emancipatory and one of our core academic competencies to support our Black and Brown young men in gaining academic skills and learning to examine, critique, and act upon systems of oppression.
    • Adult Education: Boston Central Adult High School and Adult Learning Center. Adult Education offers two distinct pathways for older students that prepare them to enter the contemporary workplace. Boston Central Adult High School offers both job training and college prep courses. The Adult Learning Center offers English Language learning, and helps students to prepare for high school. In either setting, students can pursue a traditional high school diploma or prepare for a high school equivalency exam.
    • Boston Collaborative High School
      • Otro Camino (OC) is an alternative education program designed to support English learners. The alternative learning model includes personalized direct instruction, blended learning, on-line and project based learning, through which students demonstrate mastery of curriculum objectives. Graduates receive a diploma from Boston Collaborative High School
      • LogOn Academy (LogOn) offers non-traditional learning and postsecondary pathways through a combination of online and classroom learning (called “blended learning”). This is intense computerized learning for students who can work independently and are comfortable with online learning. Graduates receive a diploma from Boston Collaborative High School
      • St. Mary’s Alternative School (SMS) serves school-aged expectant and parenting young women. The program utilizes a highly intensive online, blended learning, and Project Based learning approach as the essential components to learning. Graduates receive a diploma from Boston Collaborative High School.

    BPS has a partnership with the following community-based organizations to help provide additional alternative academic settings in the Boston area. Students who attend these programs will receive a diploma from Boston Collaborative High School.

    • ABCD University High School (UHS) provides students with creative opportunities that help them discover — or rediscover — a love of learning, catch up on your coursework, and graduate from high school. Our innovative classrooms, internships, and experiences promote relevant, hands-on learning that help you prepare for college or whatever next step leads toward your goals.
    • Ostiguy High School (Ostiguy) provides a safe, supportive, and culturally competent learning environment grounded in restorative practices. Our program supports students who at different levels of their addiction recovery, to build upon their own strengths to achieve personal growth and academic success. Graduates will receive their diploma from Boston Collaborative High School.

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