Boston Public Schools - Boston Teachers Union Reopening Task Forces

  • As we prepare for a successful launch of the 2020-2021 school year, Boston Public Schools (BPS) has partnered with the Boston Teachers Union (BTU) to form content-specific Task Forces to work collaboratively, give feedback, and develop ideas and recommendations to inform the plans for reopening. The groups began meeting the week of July 26. BPS selected leaders from the district based on the content areas and BTU selected the teachers to participate. Each group will report its findings to BPS and BTU.

    The Task Forces are:

    • Academics: Early Childhood
    • Academics: Elementary
    • Academics: Secondary
    • Remote/Digital Learning & Professional Development
    • English/Multilingual Learners
    • Special Education
    • Social-Emotional Learning/Wellness
    • Assessment/Technology
    • Family Connections
    • Operations/Facilities