Tips for Families

  • Self Care - Take care of yourself so you can take care of others - Even before COVID-19, parenting is an all-consuming responsibility. Learn more



    Communication - It calms and incites cooperation when people, as well as children, know what is going on. Your children will have questions about COVID-19 and there are helpful resources to have this conversation. Learn more

    Structure - Setting routines, creating “To-Do List” and “Accomplishments List” play an important role in organization and planning. In times of crisis, help your family navigate disrupted routines by establishing new ones. Learn more


    Giving Children Responsibility - Assigning age-appropriate tasks to children supports healthy development and can help boost self-esteem. Learn more

    Social Connection - “Man is by nature a social animal...” Aristotle. Adults as well as children can long for social connections. Find ideas to stay connected here. Learn more


    Domestic Violence - We are working together to combat the spread of COVID-19 and maintain a safe and nurturing environment for our children at home. Find support if you are in an unsafe environment. Learn more

    Mental Health - These are stressful times and can be particularly challenging for you, or anyone in the home with mental health issues. Find resources to support yourself and others. Learn more