Equity Analysis of the BPS Reopening Plan

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    In the executive summary, translated into the district’s nine primary home languages, we had a robust series of conversations to engage stakeholders in the application of our Racial Equity Planning Tool. The Tool provides specific guidance to ensure school- and district-level decisions are held to an equity lens, centering the voices and needs of students of color, students with disabilities, English learners, and other historically marginalized students, family, and staff.

    We are committed to a fair and equitable reopening of schools and are grateful to the many who shared their feedback. Many of the recommendations that we received helped shape the second draft of the plan, and especially the recent announcement by the Mayor and Superintendent that we will start the year in full remote learning, with a slow and safe phase-in of grades over several weeks from October to November that prioritizes students with the highest needs. 

    We will continue to apply the Racial Equity Planning Tool to policies and programs under consideration at Boston Public Schools. You can read more about the district's work to achieve equity by visiting the site for the BPS Division of Equity and Strategy, which includes the BPS Office of Equity and the BPS Office of Opportunity Gaps.