School-Community Partnerships (PartnerBPS)

  • There are more than 800 School-Community Partners running programs within BPS. These programs offer a wide range of services and opportunities for students that include arts, physical activity, and academic enrichment.

     Where can I learn about these programs?

    Visit to access and search for information about School-Community Partners and the programs they offer. 

    What are some factors to consider before beginning my search on 

    There are many factors to consider when searching for programs that you may be interested in for your child or family.

    • What kind of activities does your child like to do?
    • Where do you want the program to be located?
    • What time of day do you want the program to occur?
    • What is your budget for enrolling in partner programming?

    How do I use PartnerBPS to search for Programs offered at my school and within BPS?

    1. You can search by school. Find your school and learn about programs that are offered there. Print a list of partnerships that are offered to students and families that attend this school. 
    2. You can search by the program. Do a search and learn about programs available throughout BPS that meet the interests you have identified.

    What are some ways that I can enroll in programs that I find on or bring them to my child’s school? 

    Programs are often looking to expand their reach within the Boston Public Schools. If you find one that you are interested in, feel free to reach out to the program contact listed on PartnerBPS. Even if programs are not at your school currently, many will be happy to talk to you about possible partnerships. You can also reach out to your school directly to discuss how to help establish new partnerships.

    Who do I contact with questions?

    Use the Help section of PartnerBPS to find user-guides and answers to frequently asked questions or email Development & Partnerships at