School-Based Rules

  • Although superseded by the Code of Conduct, each school has its own rules for non-suspendable offenses—known as “School-Based Rules”—that its students are expected to follow. In one middle school, for example, students may be asked to file quietly and in line to their next class. In another middle school, students might be allowed to walk to class in small groups.

    If a student breaks one or more of the School-Based Rules, he or she may be subject to progressive discipline. The principal might ask the student to sign a contract to change his or her behavior or keep the student after school for detention.

    School-Based Rules are written by a committee of administrators, teachers, and parents at each school and are reviewed each spring by the School Site Council. In middle and high schools, students are also on the committee. School-Based Rules should be posted in every classroom and sent home with students every September.