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  • IEP/Special Education

    BPS provides specialized transportation to students who require these services based on their Individualized Educational Program (IEP).

    A Student’s IEP spells out any number of accommodations that the student may require in order to be appropriately educated. Some accommodations will affect the child’s transportation. 

    Specific accommodations that affect a student’s transportation may include: 

    • Door to Door*
    • Bus Monitor/Nurse
    • Safety Restraints
    • Wheelchair accommodations
    • Etc. 

    For more information on Special Education, click here.

    *Door to Door: Door to Door transportation is a stop defined as the student’s home address. Please be reminded that this means that the bus will go to the street closest to the home address or the nearest accessible point by bus. Address stops are only granted to students with special needs based on accommodation in a student’s IEP. A child who is authorized for an Address Stop is required, as is any other child, to be at the stop, out on the sidewalk, 10 minutes before the posted pickup time. Sounding of the Horn is prohibited by Massachusetts State Law.