MBTA Tpasses

  • All Boston students in grades 7-12 living and attending school in Boston will receive an MBTA “M7” pass through their school.

    An M7 is identical to the pass many high school students received in the past; It can be used at any time during the day for transportation on the MBTA and on select Commuter Rail trips within Boston. M7's are active 24/7 throughout the school year and partially throughout summer. For more information on summer tpasses, see below. 

     If your child is in 6th grade and does not meet eligibility requirements to qualify for an M7, you have the option to purchase a monthly student pass which is discounted at $30 from any charlie card store location

    Tpass Request Forms

    MBTA Waiver Request Form (Unfortunately due to the circumstances of Covid-19, we are unable to accept these requests for this school year.)

          MBTA Waiver Request Forms are used if your child is assigned a T Pass and you’d like to request yellow bus service instead. 


        Submit Here   - These requests are not guaranteed approval and may be denied.

          - If approved, you cannot revert back to a T Pass within the same school year. 

          - If approved, your request will not carry over to the following school year and needs to be resubmitted as needed.



     MBTA 6th Grade Opt-In Form

    MBTA 6th Grade Opt In Forms are used if your child is assigned to a yellow bus, and you'd like to request an M7 Tpass instead. 

                    Submit Here

         - If your request is approved, you cannot revert back to yellow bus service within the same school year.



    For Boston students who attend an out-of-district school:

    All Boston students in grades 7-12 are eligible for an M7 MBTA pass. Below, students who live in Boston but attend school outside of Boston can find instructions for proving their eligibility and instructions on how to pick up their M7 MBTA pass. 

    Proving Eligibility

    Students must prove eligibility for their M7 by establishing Boston residency and that they are currently in grades 7-12

    • Students can use the same documents outlined by Welcome Services to prove Boston residency for attendance at a Boston public school. 
    • We then need to confirm that they are currently in grades 7-12. Possible documents could include:
      • A letter from their school on official school letterhead;
      • A transcript;
      • An official class schedule specifying a student’s grade;
      • A student ID stating a student’s grade.

    Picking up Your M7 MBTA Pass

    The Fall Registration Period will run until October 2, 2020. To schedule pickup, email schoolbus@bostonpublicschools.org. We will ask you to provide your residency verification documents (either over email or in-person) and we will contact you over email to schedule a time to pick-up your M7 in the Bolling Building first floor lobby. When you pick-up your M7 pass, you will be asked to sign an M7 Pass Agreement stating that you reside in Boston but attend an out-of-district school and agreeing to the M7 terms of use.

    Some students have also received a S-Card from their school. If you are attending a school that has an S-Card, please bring it with you to pick up your M7 pass. We will ask that you turn in that pass when you receive your M7.

  • What lines can I use my M7 pass on?

  • What should I do if I lose my pass?

  • How long will my pass work for?

  • What if I have additional questions?