• Please check out our Transportation Support Portal, where you can find information on our policies and FAQs and enter and check support tickets.

    Click the blue bubble on the bottom right to chat with a live representative!
  • Transportation Request Forms

    You can request changes to your child's transportation assignment through our Support Portal. Simply navigate to the Support Portalclick "New Support Ticket" and specify the type of change under "Ticket Type" and enter the requested information. 

    • Requests are not guaranteed approval.
    • If approved, the request does not carry over to the following school year and needs to be re-submitted. 
    • Processing time may take up to 2-3 weeks. We process requests in the order they are received.

    For an interactive tutorial on how to submit a request form on our new support portal, click here


  • Alternative Request Forms

  • Sibling Ridership Request

  • Waiver for Bus Transportation (instead of MBTA)

  • MBTA 6th Grade Opt In

  • Opt-Out Form

  • Transportation Reinstatement Form