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    BPS MOVES TOGETHER is the comprehensive physical activity program developed by the Office of Health and Wellness. The program aims to support the entire BPS community in leading active, healthy lives through providing resources, information, events, and technical support.

    VISION: BPS Moves Together is committed to providing inclusive physical activity opportunities so that all students, schools, and families throughout the district may experience the joy and healing power of movement every day.




  • New Movement Break Library!

    Posted by Alexandra Ettis on 9/15/2021

    We are excited to announce our new Movement Break Library! This is a wonderful resource for teachers and staff that want to include even more fun and movement in the classroom. Click here to access our Movement Break Library.

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  • BPS Moves Together Wellness Wednesday events

    Posted by Alexandra Ettis on 9/1/2021

    This summer, BPS Moves Together held our first Wellness Wednesday events for families in Boston! The community came together to play, learn about the value of daily movement, and connect with our amazing team that distributed physical activity equipment for youth who participated in the events. See some of the amazing highlights and memories below:

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By Month


    In order to address the high need for physical activity in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, BPS Moves Together launched their very own Fitness Show in partnership with Boston Neighborhood Network! All of the episodes provide:

    1. Family-friendly physical activity to promote movement for the entire BPS community!
    2. Wellness tidbits to bring your overall well-being to the next level!


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