• BPS COVID-19 Response Equity Plan

    The Boston Public Schools is committed to ensuring our 54,000 students and their families have continued support during school building closures. Our staff is working hard to ensure students receive the education, nutrition, protection and care they deserve from our school district. 

    At this challenging time, our focus is especially important for our students with the most needs: our economically disadvantaged students (72% of the population), our English Learners (32%), and our students with disabilities (21%). In addition to the cumulative stress of structural challenges that have disproportionately impacted racial minorities (86% of our students are non-white), we also must focus on our immigrant and vulnerable populations. 

    To meet the challenge and solidify our focus on our community of students, families, and teachers, BPS has created an Equity Plan to ensure our COVID-19 response considers all of our students and their right to an education and ongoing security. The COVID-19 Response Equity Plan is the result of conversations between BPS staff, families, community briefings, and city officials, and covers six areas: academics (virtual learning), high needs students, food access, wellness, safety and protection, and communication. 

    For more information contact strategy@bostonpublicschools.org.

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