• Office of Opportunity Gaps

    Welcome to the Office of Opportunity Gaps. Our mission is to help build capacity and provide the vision, innovations and supports the district and its individual schools need to foster opportunities for marginalized students (Black, Latino, EL, students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged) to flourish and close gaps in proficiency across all areas of their education. 

    Eliminating gaps in opportunity is not only a moral imperative but also vitally important for the survival and future success of our democratic, pluralistic society. 

    Our office is made up of a passionate team that intentionally and unapologetically pushes for change to the interface between our school district and historically marginalized populations. Through our programs, initiatives, professional development, and systemic work, we attempt to mitigate, deconstruct, and reverse structural and cultural inequities. We engage all layers of the system and believe that opportunity gaps are ecological and multifaceted problems that require engagement with all the stakeholders of BPS.

    We effectively collaborate with all departments within the Boston Public Schools to help ensure cultural and structural barriers are identified and eradicated as new paths of opportunity are created for students. 

    That includes work in three areas:

    • Systemic change in the ecosystem of BPS: This is our equity agenda which includes our Opportunity and Achievement Gaps Policy and district-wide implementation plan. 
    • Capacity building for Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Practices (CLSP): We provide the professional learning and feedback needed by all in the system to enact our equity agenda. This work includes sessions with district leadership, school leaders, teachers, partner organizations, families, and other stakeholders within and outside of BPS.
    • Targeted Programming: The innovations to both improve the service delivery to our most marginalized and create the spaces to heal from/counteract the current ecosystem. This includes our 10 Boys/Girls programming, Excellence for All, and Early Warning Indicators work.