Wellness For Your Mind & Body

  • In addition to all the special actions we need to take to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, we also need to remember to continue to take care of our bodies:


    Eat healthy, nutritious foods


    Exercise regularly and try to get outside every day (while practicing social distancing)


    Get plenty of sleep, about 8 hours every night is best. 


    To reduce stress, take deep breaths, stretch, or meditate.

    • Second Step has free SEL activities and mindfulness resources for children and families to use during this time
    • Headspace is offering free support during this crisis. Headspace provides guided mindfulness activities, including sleep and movement exercises
    • Calm has gathered mindfulness meditations, exercises, and media.

    Stay Social While Social Distancing

    We are all social creatures and it is important that we stay connected even while staying home and keeping a distance from other people. 

    • Talk with people you trust about any concerns and how you are feeling
    • Reach out to your school teacher or other school staff if you need help with homework or just to check-in
    • Call a friend, video chat with family, or host a virtual game of charades (or other game)
    • Send cards and letters, artwork and drawings, or stories through the mail to friends and family
    • Join the City of Boston’s CopeCode Club and share on social media (middle and high school students)

    Take A Break From Your Screen

    It’s also important to remember to take breaks from our screens (computers, tablets, phones, TVs, etc). Try some of these activities:

    • Work on a puzzle and play board games
    • Color, draw, and work on other art projects
    • Journal about your day or write a story
    • Read a book or magazine
    • Cook meals together
    • Sing, listen to or play music, dance
    • Go outside for a walk