• This section contains information and tips to prepare you for a successful Onboarding session

    General Tips for a Successful Welcome Session

    • Plan Ahead. Keep in mind that documentation like social security card, official transcripts, letters of outside service, and fingerprint verification can take time to receive. Make sure to plan ahead to have your materials ready for your welcome session
    • Be Prepared. Bring all the required documents listed on the onboarding guide to your welcome session. Only sign up for a welcome session when you have everything complete and ready to go.
    • Use Your Full Legal Name. Use your full legal name exactly as it is written on your social security card consistently on all forms.


    Welcome Session Required Documents

    • Photo ID and Social Security Card
    • Letter of Outside Service (Teachers and BASAS only) (If Applicable)*
    • Fingerprint Receipt* or Letter of Suitability
    • Official Transcripts (undergraduate and graduate)
    • Retirement Form and Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security
    • Ethics Training Certificate

    *Fingerprint Appointment Instructions

    *Letter of Outside Service Sheet (Only to be used May-September)