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    695 Truman Pkwy, Hyde Park, MA 02136

  • Head Start is a family development program that offers comprehensive services for your child as well as your entire family. Part of a highly successful national program, ABCD Head Start has locations throughout Boston, Malden, Medford, and Everett with operating hours based on your needs and eligibility. Our services concentrate on your child’s education, nutrition, physical and mental health. Families applying for services must complete an application with an Enrollment Specialist, and provide documentation of income, residency and child age. Head Start prioritizes the enrollment of foster children, children experiencing homelessness, families receiving public assistance (defined as TANF/TAFDC, SSI, and/or SNAP (aka Food Stamps), and families with an annual household income at or below the poverty level published each year by the federal government.

    With input from you, our programs are designed to meet your child’s individual needs while respecting and reflecting your community’s ethnic and cultural values. The classroom curriculum builds on the interests of your child and offers a variety of intentional learning opportunities. These include “family style” nutritional meal times filled with conversation, social interaction, and introductions to new foods. We also provide you and your child with opportunities to learn about healthy living. Each child receives annual hearing, vision, and nutrition screenings, along with services, referrals, and resources to support their health when needed. Early Head Start works with pregnant women, infants, and toddlers to ensure that very young children get the care and stimulation proven by research to aid brain development in the earliest years. Head Start & Early Head Start also feature intensive parent engagement that gives mothers and fathers extensive support opportunities to move up the economic ladder. Your active involvement is an essential part of our program because you are your child’s primary teacher. Our family service staff works in partnership with you to achieve the goals you wish for your child and to support their learning and healthy development. You’ll have opportunities to connect with other parents and your community by assisting in program planning, design, feedback, volunteering in the classroom, and extending the learning environment into your home.

    Website: https://bostonabcd.org/service/head-start-childrens-services/

    UPK Hours: 8:30 AM-3:00 PM

    Before/After School Care: No

    Enrichments: https://bostonabcd.org/service/head-start-childrens-services/

    Uniform Policy: No

    Language of Instruction: English

    Community Partners: https://bostonabcd.org/service/innovations/

    Enrollment: 617-348-6388, headstart@bostonabcd.org