A Look Back at 2018-19 BPS 24/7 Respect Week

  • 1st Annual 24/7 Respect Week in Boston Public Schools

    On February 11 to 15, 2019, the Boston Public Schools launched 24/7 Respect Week to help students understand their rights and responsibilities to prevent and address bias-based and sexual misconduct in person, by text, or on social media. Over 27,000 students from 64 middle and high schools participated. 

    Students watched and discussed a video entitled, “Stay Out of the Box,” (Video Link) produced in collaboration with the Boston Student Advisory Council and Youth on Board. This student-centered video highlighted real-life scenarios of bias-based and sexual misconduct.  

    The Result: Contrasting the eight weeks prior to program implementation and the eight weeks following, reported incidents decreased 22%, despite our assumption that the rate of reporting increased.                                                                                                                                                                  

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  • “I applaud the student advocacy of the Boston Student Advisory Council and the constantly extraordinary work of our Office of Equity in bringing conversations about mutual respect and socially responsible communication to the forefront.”

    Boston School Committee Chairperson Michael Loconto

    “I’m so grateful to the Boston Student Advisory Council and the BPS Office of Equity for this truly collaborative effort. I’m hopeful that the events of this week will extend discussion beyond the classroom and spur dialogue between students and their families about how to stay safe and respectful every day.” 

    BPS Interim Superintendent Laura Perille

    “We are leading by example by teaching students the inherent value of being respectful and responsible young adults. With so much harmful rhetoric in the public consciousness, it’s empowering and affirming to see that we are showing our students that bias-based conduct is not acceptable inside or outside of school.” 

    Boston Teachers Union President Jessica Tang

    “I believe this video will help students in a big way...My hope is that this will promote a safer and more welcoming environment for all students.” 

    Boston Latin Academy Junior Sophia Kenneally

    “Outside of the classroom and academics, sometimes we forget that students are still learning socially and morally...It's good for people to be reminded about how important respect is.”

     New Mission High School Senior Kendra Allen-Gerald

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