What Cafeteria Does My School Have?

  • There are 3 types of cafeterias models across the district: Cafeteria, Satellite, and My Way Cafe. 

    1. Cafeteria Schools

    Cafeteria schools have their own kitchens and prepare meals on-site by BPS Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) staff.  

    2. Satellite Schools

    Satellite schools do not have full functioning kitchens and serve vended meals.  The vendor for BPS is Revolution Foods. Revolution Foods is Boston based and has been offering fresh, diverse, and nutritious meals for BPS students since 2017. Their menus keep students in mind and use high-quality ingredients for a balanced meal.

    3. My Way Cafe Schools

    My Way Cafe is the newest cafeteria model to BPS. BPS Food and Nutrition Services staff prepare the meals on-site and feature fresh salad bar, minimal packaging of food, and greater student choice in their meal.

    What’s Changing in the Cafeterias?

    In 2017, BPS began updating its school kitchens to create finishing kitchens at all schools through the My Way Cafe Program. This is year two of the program roll-out. Approximately 30 more schools will convert every year until the service model rolls out district-wide. The transition to My Way Cafe means renovated kitchens, new equipment, and more staff.  This allows BPS Food and Nutrition Services staff to prepare and cook meals on-site and serve to students.

    What Cafeteria Model Does My School Have?

    Contact your principal to find out which cafeteria model your school has. Ask them when they will be transitioning to a My Way Cafe model. 

    • The tentative roll-out plan again based on neighborhood need, which is subject to change:
      • 2019-20: Dorchester and South Boston
      • 2020-21: Jamaica Plain, Charlestown, Allston-Brighton, Fenway 
      • 2021-22: Hyde Park, South End, West Roxbury, Roslindale

Click below to see which model your school has!

  • Cafeteria Schools

  • Satellite Schools

  • My Way Cafe Schools

  • My Way Cafe Schools (2019 -2020)