November 2019 BuildBPS Update

  • Six East Boston schools will expand from K-5 to K-6 in September 2020, one year earlier than previously scheduled:

    • Samuel Adams Elementary
    • Manassah E. Bradley Elementary
    • Curtis Guild Elementary
    • Patrick J. Kennedy Elementary
    • Hugh R. O’Donnell Elementary
    • James Otis Elementary

    In addition to the 11 previously approved by the School Committee (5/22/19) for September 2020:

    • William E. Channing Elementary in Hyde Park
    • Roger Clap Innovation School in Dorchester
    • George H. Conley Elementary in Roslindale
    • Paul A. Dever Elementary in Dorchester
    • Edward Everett Elementary in Dorchester
    • Nathan Hale Elementary in Roxbury
    • Harvard/Kent Elementary in Charlestown
    • Thomas J. Kenney Elementary in Dorchester
    • Joseph P. Manning Elementary in Jamaica Plain
    • Michael J. Perkins Elementary in South Boston
    • Joseph P. Tynan Elementary in South Boston

    Mattahunt Elementary School will expand to serve fourth grade students. A fifth grade will be added in the fall of 2021 and a sixth grade will be added in the fall of 2022. 

    Oliver H. Perry K-8 School will begin to convert from K-8 to K-6. In September 2020, the Perry will no longer serve a seventh grade class, and in September 2021 will not serve an eighth grade.

    McCormack Middle School will remain open for an additional school year, until June 2021, to allow more time to design and review the plan to merge with Boston Community Leadership Academy (BCLA) to form a grade 7-12 school at the McCormack site.

    The Edwards and McCormack middle schools will not take on a new sixth grade class in 2020-2021.