• Vapes and Cigarettes: Different products, same dangers. Addiction, Nicotine, and Cancer-causing Chemicals

    Health Education Resources:

    Lessons on substance use prevention are a critical part of the scope and sequence of comprehensive health education for all grades. Below are some examples of district-approved curriculum lessons that address vaping:

    The BPS Health & Wellness Department has tobacco prevention lessons for all grades K-12. For more information, please reach out to the Health Education Director, Cheryl Todisco 

    District Policy Regarding Vaping

    The BPS Tobacco-Free Environment Policy (HWD-06) was created in 2012 and prohibits electronic vapor products or e-cigarettes on all school properties. Students of BPS shall not possess, use, consume, display, distribute, or sell any tobacco products (including all vaping products) at any time on school property, at off-campus, school-sponsored events and extra-curricular activities, within vehicles located on school property, and within 50 feet of school property. Similar restrictions apply to the use, consumption, display, distribution, or sale of any tobacco products (including all vaping products) by BPS staff and visitors. See the policy for more details.

    Our current Drug & Alcohol Abuse Policy (SHS-01) and the Code of Conduct also prohibit the use of marijuana, including vaping, on school property.

    For more information about supports for students found in violation of these policies, visit the Succeed Boston website for information about their short-term program, long-term middle school program, and 1-day education workshops. 

    The HWD-06 and SHS-01 policy language will be updated in SY19-20 to provide more clarity and improve the implementation guidelines, however, the substance of the policy will not change. The who, when, where, and what of the policy should remain consistent. For more information, please contact Maryka Lier

    MA Department of Public Health Resources:

    Image of the toolkit cover     Image of anti-vaping poster     Image of anti-vaping postcard     Image of flyer Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Vaping

    Oder free resources from the MA DPH website
    Smoking & Vaping Cessation Resources: