• Application Requirements for Research Resubmissions

    In the event that an application to conduct research at Boston Public Schools is rejected, it can be resubmitted for approval by following the guidelines below:

    1. Resubmit the application as a new study in a future research application submission window. The application may not be resubmitted off-cycle
    2. Please include the Research Application number from the initial submission in the title using the following format: RA- ### Resubmission
    3. Include an "Introduction" at the beginning of the standard application attachment with the following items:
      1. Note the assigned application number from the initial submission (I.e. RA-321)
      2. Use the introduction to summarize any additions, deletions, or changes to the application.
      3. Respond to issues or criticism raised in the feedback to the previous submission

    Submit Resubmission Studies via the New Studies link: Application to Conduct Research Boston Public Schools 

    Note that all other application instructions for new research studies apply to resubmitted studies. Researchers must complete the online application form and attach their full proposal that includes all the required information outlined below in pdf form.  Incomplete applications will be rejected.