• Uniforms

    All students enrolled at the Gardner Pilot Academy are required to wear a uniform to school every day.
    This policy was voted on by the Governing Board and is explicitly stated in our school Code of Conduct as
    RESPONSIBLE student behavior.  

    School Uniform consist of any of the following:

    • Maroon long sleeve or short sleeve polo shirt with GPA logo OR GPA T-shirts
    • GPA griffin gear (t-shirts or sweatshirts with the school mascot)
    • GPA blue sweatpants (for phys ed only)
    • Navy uniform slacks/skirt/shorts/Pants 
    • All students must wear rubber-soled shoes (ie: no flip flops, high heels, sandals or crocs). 

    Cold Weather:

    • During cold weather, students may wear a long sleeve shirt UNDER their uniform shirt.   
    • The undershirt must be a solid color (maroon, white or grey) and free from graphics.

    SAMPLE UNIFORM for BOYS            

    GPA-Boys Dress Code


    GPA- Girls Dress Code


    NOT Allowed:

    • T-shirts with logos, Hoodies and jeans.
    • Students may not wear any clothing or jewelry that substantially disrupts learning or contributes to an unsafe environment (i.e. buttons bearing gang insignia; profanity).
    • Pants must be worn around the waist.  

    In the event that students arrive at school inappropriately dressed the parent or guardian will be called to bring in appropriate school wear.  



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