• Family Council Fundraising Efforts

    Fundraising was identified as one of the three areas through which the Charles Sumner Elementary School Family Council works to achieve our overall mission and goals.  These efforts are rooted in a foundation that promotes our core value of race equity.

    Our fundraising goals are achieved by:

    • Collecting donations
    • Organizing community fundraising events
    • Applying for external funding opportunities

    The Family Council works with school staff to identify funding gaps and areas of need for the school.  Ultimately, the Family Council determines what is reasonable in terms of how much money can be raised annually and what is funded in alignment with our vision.

    In addition to fundraising in support of the school, the Family Council also raises funds to cover operational expenses such as childcare and food for families attending our meetings or other events. We believe that providing these services is critical to making our meetings inclusive and welcoming to all families. If you would like to contribute to these funds, donations can be made online on our square-up webpage here.

    Please note that donations just to our operational expenses fund are held in a private bank account separate from the school BEDF account and as such are not considered a tax deductible contribution.