• Specialized Instruction

    Shelter English Instruction Classes These are classes designed to teach students’ whose primary language is a language other than English.  All classes are taught in English and students are taught the exact curriculum that native English speakers receive.  Their teachers utilize specialized instruction to support their learning.

    Special Education Classes  These are classes designed for students who have a learning disability.  They are taught the same grade level curriculum as students in the general education classes however they receive specialized instruction, modifications and accommodations so they can access the same material

    Inclusion Classes  These are classes designed to meet the needs of all learners.  All students are taught grade level curriculum, while services and interventions, if needed, happen in the classroom.

    Teaching Teams  Teachers meet weekly with colleagues in grade level teams or as part of school wide teams.  The purpose of these teams is to continually improve instruction and learning so all students have access to a quality education. Additional professional development 

    Common Planning Time  Teachers meet once a week with grade level colleagues to review curriculum, plan lessons, analyze data and student work.

    Student Support Teams (SST)  Teachers meet once a week with grade level colleagues to review individual student progress, plan individualized instruction/intervention and implement intervention plans.  This is a student support model utilizing Response to Intervention and Positive Behavior Intervention Supports. The SST grade level teams additionally meet monthly with the school SST Leadership Team to discuss concerns and areas of need. The school SST Leadership Team also meets weekly to discuss school-wide efforts and areas for improvement or additional supports.

    Instructional Leadership Team  Co-facilitators meet weekly to problem solve programmatic or systematic issues occurring within grade level teams or across the school.

    Technology Professional Development   Our technology teacher works with students and staff, assisting in building knowledge around technology.  Throughout the year, support is given to grade level clusters to use technology effectively in their practice.