Parent Council

  • All parents and guardians of Sumner School students are automatically members of the Sumner School Parent Council.

    Vision: Our vision of the Sumner school is an equitable and inclusive community that promotes racial and social justice and prepares students to thrive in their future education and careers, and be engaged, thoughtful participants and leaders in their communities.

    Mission: Our Mission is to engage families at the Sumner in collaboration with staff and administration to: (1) identify and advocate for the needs of Sumner students and their families, and (2) build a welcoming school community. We apply an equity lens to our work to ensure all families’ needs and interests are addressed to the best of our ability.

    With an underlying foundation of Inclusion, Equity, and Racial and Social Justice the Charles Sumner School Parent Council works to achieve its mission by focusing on the core areas of Advocacy, Engagement, and Fundraising.

Diagram of parent council focus areas: Advocacy, Engagement, and Fundraising all with a foundation in Equity.