Family Resources

  • Where's My School Bus?

    Track your child's school bus.

    Satellite School Breakfast/Lunch Menus

    BPS Breakfast and Lunch menus.  The Sumner School is expecting a My Way Cafe in the Fall of 2021.  Until the My Way Cafe open, the Sumner will follow the Satellite School menus.

    Sumner School Cliffs Notes

    Your Sumner School Quick-reference Guide!

    Sumner School Family Handbook

    Detailed Family and Student Handbook for the Sumner School.

    BPL homework help program:

    Boston Public Library locations offer free after-school homework help and mentorship provided by high-achieving high school students and BTU tutors.

    Setting up Class Dojo:

    An illustrated guide to get connected to the Sumner School Class Dojo community.

    School Messenger

    Find out how to download the SchoolMessenger App and make sure you receive school notices.

    If you would like to check if the correct address, email, and/or phone number is on file, please speak with the school secretary, Ms. Cynthia Walker-Wiggins (617-635-8131).  If any of your family's contact information is incorrect, Ms. Walker-Wiggins can help you with how to correct this.

    Guide to the Boston Public Schools

    Family and Student handbook for BPS.


    For adult family members or other volunteers in the school buildings or on school trips.  This includes family members serving as chaperones on school field trips. There are many ways to help our school that do not require CORI verification.  Please contact our school Principal, Ms. Welch, our Assistant Principal, Ms. Brunson, or our Family Liaison, Ms. O'Brien for any questions regarding CORI. Note that due to COVID safety restrictions, only staff are allowed in the school building until further notice.