• Principal  Principal:

    Ms. Meghan Welch

    My name is Meghan Welch and I feel fortunate to serve as the principal and cheerleader of the Sumner community since 2018. Thank you for considering our school either as a parent or a partner! I know you are trusting us with your most precious treasure, your children, and I do not take the responsibility lightly.

    As an introduction, I grew up in Framingham, MA with my parents and older brother. I am that Boston combination of Irish and Italian - I learned a lot from my immigrant Italian grandparents. As a kid, I was often seen running around my neighborhood with a stick in hand and cuts on my knees. It’s no wonder that those interests led me to love sports and athletic coaching. After growing up in a large town, I was fortunate to receive a small liberal arts education at Connecticut College where I earned a history degree and played both soccer and lacrosse. At Tufts University, I studied Public Policy to earn my Masters degree and furthered my educational leadership development at Boston College’s Lynch Leadership Academy.  I have worked in education for 20 years starting my career in Washington, DC Public as a substitute teacher, soccer coach and then permanent teacher. I then joined the Superintendent’s Office as the district underwent large-scale improvements. Because I think schools are really the heart and soul of any city, I have spent the last 9 years as a school leader in East Boston, Roxbury, and now Roslindale. After living in Jamaica Plain for several years, my wife and our 3 year old son moved to Roslindale in May 2023!  

    I truly think our school can be the best place for ANY child or staff member if we:

    • Communicate with each other: don’t be afraid to reach out to your child’s teacher or other support personnel for assistance or clarity. 

    • Embrace each other: let’s build a community together! We all believe education can change lives if we work together and believe in one another. 

    • Prioritize Equity: Racism and any form of discrimination hurts all of us. We must ensure our interactions and organization perpetuate opportunity and advancement for historically marginalized groups.  


    Assistant Principal:

    Ms. Christine Rinaldi



    Director of Operations and Student Supports:

    Mr. Rob Bustamante


    Administrative Assistant (Lower School):

    Ms. Karina Rivera-Sosa

    Administrative Assistant (Upper School):

    Ms. Theresa McIrney


    Bilingual Family Liaisons:

    Erin O'Brien 

    Diana Fortin (Ms. Dee) 


    Before and After School Program Director

    Eric Shelton