Sumner School Mission

  • The Charles Sumner School Mission Statement

    The Charles Sumner School develops students’ critical thinking, creativity, and resilience through rigorous academic differentiated instruction.  Our school is a diverse community that provides a welcoming, supportive and safe environment to create life-long learners and engaged citizens.


    Charles Sumner School Motto

    As a member of the Charles Sumner School,

    I will be kind, respectful and the best that I can be.


    Charles Sumner School Song

    At the Sumner,

    We strive to be the best

    Students we can be.

    By working together

    As sisters and brothers

     To build our community.


    At the Sumner,

    We strive to be the best

    Leaders we can be

    With knowledge as power,

    We make strong our future-

    The future that starts with ME!