Boston Saves FAQ

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  • Who is able to take part in Boston Saves?

  • If a student gets a Boston Saves account, will their brother or sister also get one?

  • How does a family sign up for Boston Saves?

  • What happens to a child’s Boston Saves account if they leave Boston Public Schools?

  • What happens if a child joins a class that has Boston Saves accounts?


  • What kind of account can be linked to a child’s Boston Saves account?

  • What is a custodial account?

  • What’s the difference between a Boston Saves account and a linked financial account?

  • Can a family add money to, or take money out of, a child’s Boston Saves account?

  • Will money in a Boston Saves account affect a family’s public assistance?

Boston Saves Dollars

  • Do Boston Saves Dollars gain interest?

  • When can Boston Saves Dollars be used?

  • What can Boston Saves Dollars be used for?

  • When must a student use their Boston Saves Dollars by?