Resources on Family Diversity

  • These following lesson plans and resources were compiled by the Office of Equity as a representative sampling of approaches that teachers may utilize to help students talk about topics related to social justice and equity. The below resources are presented as a sampling of approaches to this topic and are not endorsed by the Boston Public Schools or the BPS Office of Equity.

    Prior to utilizing any of these lessons or resources in the classroom, please refer to the Office of Equity's Guidelines for the Use of Offensive Terms in the Classroom document (Email the Office of Equity for access to this document). If you would like assistance with these resources, please contact our office at 617-635-9650 or

    Lesson Name Description Suggested Grades
    What is a Family? 

    This introductory lesson uses children’s own experiences and questions. You can use the lesson with any number of books featuring diverse families. (Welcoming Schools) 

    K - 2nd


    The Great Big Book of Families: Discussion Guide

    The Great Big Book of Families by Mary Hoffman showcases diverse families and their lives together. It's a great resource for reflecting the diversity of your students' families and highlighting diversity for all students. LGBTQ-inclusive, multi-racial families, economic diversity. (Welcoming Schools)

    K - 2nd

    Diverse Families on Mother's and Father's Days

    Develop more inclusive practices around celebrating Mother’s and Father’s Days and help children from diverse family structures feel affirmed in the classroom. (Welcoming Schools)

    K - 2nd

    Circles of Caring Community: "Family Tree" Activity

    This activity helps children to define their families or caring communities for themselves and share it with their peers, if they choose to, in an environment supported by a caring educator. The lesson also offers an opportunity to build a classroom community. (Welcoming Schools)

    1st - 2nd

    Love Makes a Family

    Create a Love Makes A Family classroom or schoolwide display with unique family drawings from each student. This activity helps students see that the common bond that holds all kinds of families and caring communities together is love. (Welcoming Schools)

    K - 5th

    Understanding My Family's History 

    After exposure to relevant literature in class, students will research their family history by interviewing their parents. They will use this information along with visual props to tell their story to classmates. (Teaching Tolerance)

    K - 5th

    Personal Narratives to Explore Family

    Students have great stories to tell. Help them find pride in their own story while developing writing skills. (Welcoming Schools)

    3rd - 6th