Resources on LGBTQ Topics

  • These following lesson plans and resources were compiled by the Office of Equity as a representative sampling of approaches that teachers may utilize to help students talk about topics related to social justice and equity. The below resources are presented as a sampling of approaches to this topic and are not endorsed by the Boston Public Schools or the BPS Office of Equity.

    Prior to utilizing any of these lessons or resources in the classroom, please refer to the Office of Equity's Guidelines for the Use of Offensive Terms in the Classroom document (Email the Office of Equity for access to the document).  If you would like assistance with these resources, please contact our office at 617-635-9650 or


    Lesson Name Description Suggested Grades
    Red: A Crayon's Story - There's More to Me Than You Can See

    A lesson plan utilizing the book Red: A Crayon's Story to give students an opportunity to discuss appearance-based stereotypes - gender, ability, race. Each student will create a crayon about themselves that explores their inner identities.  (Welcoming Schools)

    K - 2nd
    Be Who You Are  A lesson plan on the book Be Who You Are by Todd Parr. This book reminds kids that their unique traits are what make them so special. After reading, students will create a detailed drawing of themselves.  This book and activity can provide an opportunity to discuss unique identities and gender expression with students. (Welcoming Schools) K - 2nd
    Introducing Teddy: Understanding Gender and Friendship The book Introducing Teddy offers activities to help students understand the concepts of gender identity and how to be a kind friend. (Welcoming Schools) K - 2nd
    Chimera Butterflies: Non-Binary Animals Chimera Butterflies and other chimera animals are examples of gender diversity in nature. Each student will create their own unique butterfly with asymmetrical wings. K - 2nd
    I Am Jazz: Understanding Transgender Children A lesson plan with the book, I am Jazz, to help start a conversation with students on what it means to be transgender. The lesson plan includes discussion ideas for a range of grade levels. (Welcoming Schools) K - 5th

    Media Sleuths: Examining Gender Roles in Advertising

    With a quick look at magazines, catalogs or TV, students can see many gender stereotypes. Use the log sheet to record findings, tally results and spark discussions. (Welcoming Schools)

    3rd - 6th

    Persuasive Letters: Examining Gender Marketing by Toy Companies

    Students will write persuasive essays after examining and gathering data on gender marketing by toy manufacturers. Students will cultivate media literacy skills to understand how media messaging shapes our culture around gender norms. (Welcoming Schools)

    3rd - 5th

    Biographies: Courageous, Diverse Role Models for Students

    Reach beyond the usual biographies. Find strong women, creative men, and other successful people of all genders to inspire your students.

    K - 6th


    Lesson Name Description Suggested Grades
    Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Women of Color: The Stonewall Inn and the Modern LGBTQ Movement This lesson highlights four transgender and gender non-conforming women of color – Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, Miss Major, and Stormé DeLarverie and their role in transgender and LGBTQ history. (Welcoming Schools) 5th - 8th
    Misgendering and Respect for Pronouns As a class and in small groups, students will watch a video about pronouns, have a conversation about pronouns, and discuss misgendering. As a class, students discuss ways to combat misgendering and how they can make sure that the gender pronouns of all students are respected. (GLSEN) 6th - 8th; 9th - 12th
    Beyond the Gender Binary Students will learn about the origin of the term Two-Spirit and incorporate Native American/ First Nations/Indigenous gender terminology into their understandings of gender and gender identity. (GLSEN)

    6th - 8th;

    9th - 12th

    Unheard Voices: Stories of LGBT History An oral history and curriculum project that will help educators to integrate LGBT history, people and issues into their instructional programs.

    6th - 8th;

    9th - 12th

    Understanding Homophobia/Heterosexism and How to Be an Ally This lesson is geared toward increasing middle and high school students’ understanding of and empathy for how homophobia manifests itself in schools and society, including actions they can take on behalf of their school or community. (ADL)

    6th - 8th; 9th - 12th

    The Stonewall Uprising Teach high school students about the Stonewall uprising and reflect on LGBTQ rights and activism throughout U.S. history. (ADL)

    9th - 12th

    Transgender Identity and Issues This lesson will provide an opportunity for high school students to learn more about transgender identity and issues, the barriers faced by people who identify as transgender or are gender non-conforming and how we can make our schools safe and welcoming for transgender and gender non-conforming students. (ADL)

    9th - 12th