• Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the program need to operate at a Boston Public School site to be eligible for the Opportunity Portfolio?

    The program does not need to currently operate in a BPS school site in order to be eligible. However, the program needs to have been operating in the City of Boston, the Boston Public Schools, and/or a similar urban setting for at least three years.

    What is the best way to pick our category of service if we think we fit into more than one?

    If your program falls under more than one service category and/or your organization has programs that fall into multiple service categories, you must submit separate applications for each service category. For the STEM Opportunity Portfolio sub-categories, programs can only apply to one subcategory and should, therefore, pick the subcategory that best aligns with their program description.

    How do I update my PartnerBPS profile?

    There is a step-by-step user guide for PartnerBPS found at https://partnerbps.org/help-school-community-partners/. You can also email PartnerBPS@bostonpublicschools.org if you need technical assistance with registration.

    How will I know if my PartnerBPS profile is complete in order to be eligible to be selected as an Opportunity Portfolio Partners?

    Partners will be able to see the status of their PartnerBPS profile by logging onto their PartnerBPS account and going to the “Manage Programs” tab. Once at this tab, partners will see a list of the programs they have registered on PartnerBPS and the status of each one. Program profiles can be considered complete when the status says “Approved”.

    If our organization does not apply this cycle, does that mean we will not have another chance to enter into the Opportunity Portfolio?

    If your organization does not apply for this Invitation to Apply, does not meet minimum criteria, or is not selected for this Opportunity Portfolio, you may still apply to future of Opportunity Portfolio cycles.

    How many future invitations to apply will the District release and is there a calendar for these releases?

    BPS will release additional Invitations to Apply twice annually. 

    How many years will a program be in the Opportunity Portfolio?

    Portfolio Partners will be reviewed every three years or as needed in order to remain in the Portfolio depending on your service category. Once your program is accepted into the Opportunity Portfolio, you will receive more details on the length of your Portfolio status.

    Does becoming a Portfolio Partner come with funding?

    Portfolio Partners will be eligible for BPS funding, but being a Portfolio Partner does not guarantee any funding.

    Can BPS schools only work with partners that are in the Opportunity Portfolio?

    No. Schools may still partner with organizations that have not been identified as Opportunity Portfolio Partners by the District.

    On the PartnerBPS site, programs are registered and divided by elementary, middle, high school; if our program spans two or more of those grade spans, do we have to select just one?   

    Yes, programs are able to select multiple options if you work across the predetermined grade spans.

    If an organization is applying to this Invitation to Apply for more than one program, do we have to fill out multiple intents to apply?

    Yes, you should submit an Intent to Apply for each unique program for which you are applying. However, you will not need to update the organization information on your PartnerBPS profile more than once.

    Will school leadership be part of the vetting and assessment in Phase 2 of the application process?

    Schools that programs have current and past partnerships with BPS may be contacted to provide information about their partnership with that program as part of the vetting and assessment process. The Opportunity Portfolio Committee may also contact references listed on your program’s PartnerBPS profile.

    Will there be a set number of Portfolio Partners selected in each category and total?

    No, the district aims to include every program that meets or exceed quality standards through the vetting and assessment process as Portfolio Partners.

    Will currently funded partners no longer be eligible for funding any longer through this system? If funding is provided to partners, will that process change?

    Schools are the unit of change and make the ultimate decision about which partners they want to fund. A program’s status in the Opportunity Portfolio does not impact their ability to be funded by schools.


    Please submit any additional questions via email to Renee Omolade at partnerbps@bostonpublicschools.org