• PartnerBPS is the partnership platform for Boston Public Schools. All School-Community Partners are required to register their organization, programs, and partnerships on PartnerBPS before beginning services in a Boston Public School.

    Our Vision seeks to increase equitable access to quality school-community partner opportunities for BPS schools, students, and families and other members of the BPS School-Community.

    Who can use PartnerBPS?

    • School-Community Partners (S-CP): S-CP are defined as an organization, group or coalition that collaborates with the Boston Public Schools (BPS) to provide ongoing, direct services to students, school staff, families, and/or other members of the BPS school community.
    • Students and Families: This includes BPS students, famillies, and other members of the BPS Community.
    • School-based Personnel: This includes school leaders, teachers, school staff, and headmasters at BPS Schools.
    • BPS Central Office:  This includes BPS Central Office and other administrative employees

    Who should register on PartnerBPS?

    As outlined in BPS Circular S-CP 01, BPS requires all School-Community Partners to be fully registered and approved via the PartnerBPS platform before providing any services within any school.