• Note: The FY23 Budget Proposal is Underway

BPS Budget Basics

  • Cover of the BPS Budget Basics document Building on years of record investment in Boston’s education system, the Boston Public Schools’ proposed Fiscal Year 2022 budget totals $1.3 billion, marking the largest appropriation to BPS by the City of Boston and a projected $36 million increase over last year’s adopted budget. The proposed FY22 budget is framed with the guiding principles of Return, Recover, and Reimagine. The budget is heavily focused on improving student outcomes, advancing equitable recovery, and promoting the whole school community’s health and wellness amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It closely aligns with BPS’s newly released strategic plan, developed after an extensive community engagement effort launched last school year.

    For FY22, 100% of investments are directly in school budgets or school services budgeted centrally. Investments support a robust reopening of schools and promote a restart of initiatives and projects paused due to the COVID-19 emergency. Investments for equitable recovery will directly support students who the pandemic has most impacted. Finally, federal funding will largely bolster our future reimagining of BPS, guide implementation of the five-year BPS Strategic Plan, support our commitment to being an antiracist district and advance equitable outcomes for all students, particularly students of color, English learners, students with disabilities, and students experiencing poverty.

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FY22 Budget FAQ

  • How does the BPS budget work?

  • What is ESSER Funding?

  • How does BPS decide how much to give to each school?

  • How has BPS’s spending changed over time?

  • What does BPS invest in?

  • What are the new investments this year?

  • How do the Student Opportunity Act and the $100 million Mayor Walsh committed to BPS during his State of the City address intersect with this proposed budget?