BPS Budget Basics

  • Building on years of record investment in Boston’s education system, the Boston Public Schools’ proposed Fiscal Year 2021 budget totals $1.4 billion, marking the largest appropriation by the City, and a projected $80 million increase over last year’s approved budget. Designed to improve academic outcomes, promote deeper levels of student engagement, bolster professional development and training for teachers, and increase support and service to families, the proposed budget is grounded in equity and is closely aligned with BPS’ newly released strategic plan, developed after an extensive community engagement effort launched at the start of the school year.

    Nearly 70 percent of new investments, representing a majority of the funding, will provide direct services to students and intensive, instructional support and professional development for teachers. The remaining funding will support instructional resources such as textbooks, computers and investments to improve the school environment, resulting in 100 percent of new funding directly benefiting students to close achievement gaps and improve educational outcomes.

    Download and Print the FY21 Budget Fact Sheet

FY21 Budget FAQ

  • How has BPS’ spending changed over time?

  • What does BPS invest in?

  • What are the new investments this year?

  • How does the BPS budget work?

  • How does BPS decide how much to give to each school?

  • How does the Student Opportunity Act and $100 million Mayor Walsh committed to BPS intersect with this proposed budget?