ASL-English Dual Language Program

  • Dual LanguageDual Language and Co-Teaching The Horace Mann School (HMS) is a K0-12 American Sign Language (ASL) and English dual language program providing an asset-driven education for deaf and hard of hearing children. Horace Mann School provides a Parent Infant Program (PIP) for families of deaf and hard of hearing children from birth to age 3, ensuring that these students enter school with the early language foundation necessary for academic success. K0 through 12th grade students attending Horace Mann School engage with a rigorous standards-based curriculum that aligns with the current district and state frameworks preparing them for post-secondary success. Its language-rich environment allows students to learn through immersion in a community of strong language models and develop fluency in both American Sign Language and English. Horace Mann School empowers students as Deaf individuals to be lifelong learners and innovative thinkers with diverse linguistic, ethnic, and cultural identities.