Earn Boston Saves Dollars

  • Earn Boston Saves Dollars

    Want to add more money to your child’s Boston Saves account? Complete the simple steps below to earn Boston Saves Dollars! Each step not only earns money, but also helps you plan for your child’s financial and educational future. You may complete as many steps as you like, and in any order. 

    STEP: Open a financial account for your child’s future.

    Dollars earned: $25

    What to do: Contact a bank, credit union, or 529 provider to open a financial account for your child’s future. This can be any kind of financial account (checking, savings, custodial, or 529).

    How to collect: To collect the Boston Saves Dollars, send an account statement (as a photo, screenshot, scan, etc) to bostonsaves@boston.gov, and include your child’s name. Make sure the statement does not show the account number. We want to keep your account information private!

    Why this step matters: Your child’s Boston Saves account will hold Boston Saves Dollars for their future. But it’s important for you to save money for their future, too. Having a financial account for your child will ensure you have a safe place to save and grow that money.

    STEP: Read regularly with your child.

    Dollars earned: $10

    What to do: Read with your child 20 minutes a day, for 20 days each month, from March through June 2019.

    How to collect: Fill out these reading confirmation forms for each month that you read with your child:

    Why this step matters: Reading with your child can improve their reading ability and lifelong success in school. Research shows that if your child is on-track with their reading ability by the third grade, they will be 4 times more likely to complete high school.

    STEP: Use a free service from the Mayor’s Office of Financial Empowerment (OFE).

    Dollars earned: $10

    What to do: Complete any one of the actions listed below.

    • Get your taxes done for free at one of 30+ tax sites across Boston. You must earn $54,000 or less per year to be eligible. Visit the Boston Tax Help Coalition website for details.
    • Attend a free credit building workshop. At the workshop, you will learn how to improve or repair your credit. Visit the Boston Builds Credit website for workshop dates and locations.
    • Get a free Financial Check-Up to learn your credit score. Check-Ups are held at the Roxbury Center for Financial Empowerment at 7 Palmer St., Roxbury. Call 617-541-2670 to schedule.
    • Enroll in free one-on-one financial coaching at the Roxbury Center for Financial Empowerment. Call 617-541-2670 to schedule.

    How to collect: Fill out this simple OFE service confirmation form. Please note: Boston Saves Dollars will be awarded for completing only one of the OFE services, though you may use as many services as you like.

    Why this step matters: OFE’s services can help you improve your family’s finances. Free tax preparation can help you get any refunds you are due. The credit-building workshop and Financial Check-Up can help you improve your credit, which is important for getting good loan rates. Financial coaching can help you plan your spending and saving strategies.